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Using travel sites and online travel agencies or booking services is a one-way conversation, with no emotions involved. You need someone to listen and understand what it is that you are looking form a personal touch to take make your vacation – yours!

Through our conversations, we will discover the right trip for you. The one on one communication and personalization will help you uncover what you’re seeking from your next vacation. So, if you want that dream trip, let’s talk! After all, it’s hard to explain your likes and dislikes to a screen.

Why I Love What I Do

When I started my career in the tourism industry, it was simply because I was passionate about traveling the world and seeing new things. The idea of sharing this passion every day was thrilling. But once I got into it, I realized that my passion for travel was secondary to my desire to help and service my clients. To find them the perfect trip, then take it one step further with small surprises along the way. Nowadays, my favorite part of my job isn’t talking about travel, It’s hearing my clients tell me how their trip opened their eyes, helped them make connections and in some cases change their lives or their relationships. For me, it’s all about exceeding expectations.

About me

For as long as I can remember, the idea of traveling and going to an unknown place has always been alluring to me. This led to my passion for travel and my desire to see the world. I have been too amazing and beautiful places and witnessed some great sports events around the world

I am more of a beach traveller, but don’t get me wrong, seeing some amazing history and culture is also a must. Often, these have been some of the most memorable experiences. I have been very lucky to have seen the world.

My friends and family always want my advice when it comes to vacation planning and I often find myself preparing and planning memorable vacations for them. I loved spending my time studying, discussing, designing and visiting destinations that most people only dream about. I decided to use my skills and experience to help everyone out there who shares the same desire and passion for travel….. that’s when Travel by Style was born.
Are you looking to plan a trip or have a question about our services?  Let us know! Simply fill in the form below or call us directly to get in touch. Let’s get the conversation started – coffees always on us!